Saturday, December 26, 2009

Workout Head

I know that just about everyone who comes here has something to say about the "Big heads". Well, I am no exception. For the longest time I thought it was hair. I thought exceptionally long hair, wrapped in a bun under the hijab made that huge second head. Since its already well known that its a pom-pom or whatever, I didn't anticpate ever writing about it ....... until yesterday.

I've been complaining about how much weight I've gained since being here, so my sister-in-law invited me to go to the gym / health club with her. I've never had the opportunity to experience an all womens gym and after reading Nadias post about Salsa Aerobics in Salalah a few months back, I thought it would be a lot of fun.

So off we went. Fun?? Not so much. But interesting it was ... there I was in my gym pants and oversized teeshirt, my new nike sneakers ready to work-it. In comes the other girls. Modesty left hanging on the hooks along with their Abayas. Spandex, shorts, tights, tanks, wristbands, even lingere looking get-ups. But that wasn't it, the crazy part was ........ they were ALL WEARING A POM POM! I swear to God!. So I'm thinking to myself, "Are you serious? You need both your heads to work out?? " I must add, these pom-poms were huge, I was tempted several times to snatch two and do one of my highschool cheerleading routines. "Gimme a G!" "G!" Gimme an O" "O"...."Whatdoesitspell?" "GOOOO!!!"

As strange as it appears at first, I mean, I get it. You wear your second head as a fashion, because it holds your scarf up, your hair etc. But now you want me to watch you jump around in it while working out ????. Half the time I was starring at the pom pom of the girl in front of me. I got mesmerized by the way it stood stiff without moving while she did step-ups. I could literally hide behind it. When the instructor started the next move, I was lost, still focusing on the damn pom-pom. I just want to know, to all you Dhofari pom-pom wearers ... what else do you / can you do in your pom-pom???

I remember once being annoyed when someone asked me quite seriously, "do you sleep in that?" in regards to my hijab. I was so annoyed I sarcastically answered "Yeah ... and I shower in it too". Dumb question deserves dumb response right? Well I dumbly ask you Dhofari girls ...." Do you sleep in that (pom pom) too ??????"



  2. ha ha ha, can't think of anything we DON'T do in it!

  3. I don't wear one during long flights. Or movies. I don't like the claw of the clip digging into my head against the seat.

  4. Omani Princess, yeah they really hurt! The smaller ones aren't so bad though.

  5. Yes I work out in mine too. It keeps my hair from falling all over and I am used to it. You should try yourself, I know you will love it before long ;)

    Wigs are haram i believe.

  6. Sorry to say but those things make the girls look silly, like ALIENS. Your head ends up looking disproportionate to your body and any if the wind blows oh too hard, you'll topple over. Maybe the women wear it at the gym as a form of exercise? Added weight?

    merk again

  7. lol grate post, I like the small ones, just enough to move the scarf out from the back of my neck but not to big i wona remove the head rest from my seat in the car. Does anyone ells have that problem? The head rest pushes my head forwards if it is big.

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