Sunday, December 6, 2009

Things That make me go “wow!, no way! or hmmmm?"

1)The women with purposefully, penciled in connected eyebrows

2)How streets are really made for; soccer tournaments, stray cats and camels.

3)How curfew for all children between birth-17 is 2 A.M

4)How every restaurant is a drive thru

5)How I have to speak broken Arabic with an Indian accent, so the waiter gets my order right.

6)The guy who serves me warm fresh naan and then two minutes later is picking his nose

7)How flashing your lights behind my car means “get the *&#@ out of my way or ill ride your bumper until you do”

8)How pedestrians play "rush and" roulette at my expense...on the an attempt to cross over.

9) How you can get a ticket for talking on your cell phone while driving, but not for letting your two year old sit ON your lap AND help you steer.

And last but certainly not least…

10)The Jebbali guy, who, with a gun slung over his shoulder, a dagger (khanjar) on his waist, a walking stick and no shoes, is shopping at Al-Istikrar for...Pantene Pro V soft and smooth shampoo.

I love Salalah!


  1. LOOOOOOOOOL @ No.3, No.5 and No.10

    so ewo No.6 lool

    loved this post!

  2. Miss Rania,

    I love your blog. Some people have openly accused me of being you and of having two blogs. Are we that similar?

    Did I mention that I love your blog?

  3. Lol hilarious! Thanks for the insight into your end of Oman x

  4. Nadia: are you serious? Your writing is awesome so...I'll take that as a compliment thank you very much. =)

  5. LOL about the jebbali guy Must have been a sight.

  6. LOL! No. true n eew!
    I wish I could visit Salalah!
    I hate the fact that I have never stepped beyond Nizwa in my 10 years of life in Oman!

  7. I'm new to your blog and am a good friend of Nadia (Dhofari Gucci) and God there is way too much resemblance between your writing styles. I myself had to check the link twice!

    Way to go Rania, great blog, great post; specially point no.10, haha!

    May I ask: where are you originally from? It'll add to the drama (a lot) if you're from a western origin!

  8. It is nice to read another side of you, since you have such sense of humor you can sell some of your materials to a comedy club or start one.

    I wish I’m young to start a standup comedian in some coffee shops like New York. Living different cultures is very interesting.

    Between you and Nadia, you should get together and be the first Salalah females to tackle issues. If it works well, don’t forget my commission.

    I think Tiger Wood can learn from the Omani drivers having different cell ringer to each lover. Now you will get more traffic to your blog since everyone wanted to hear about him.

  9. Indeed a wonderful blog and you've got a great sense of humour! Enjoyed this post =D

  10. I guess you all could relate LOL. =)

  11. i guess you're from Canada! (North American spellings, plus u like Canada Dry Cream Soda!) Am i right?

  12. LOL! Especially the last point! Can just see this guy strolling through the Isteqrar!

  13. Delirious: its all true I swear lol.

    Nizsha: It WAS a sight, and not an uncommon one ha!

    Bobby: You must leave Nizwa to visit Salalah, 10 years? Thats insane, come visit, come visit!!!!

    Sharazad: Welcome, welcome. So glad you stopped by. Do we really write similar? lol I'm checking out your blog today.

    NS: we took your advice and we met!!! Thanx for the suggestion!

    Alma: I'm blushing :)

    Anonymous: Do only Canadians drink Canada Dry??

  14. The Jebbali guy, who, with a gun slung over his shoulder, a dagger (khanjar) on his waist, a walking stick and no shoes, is shopping at Al-Istikrar for...Pantene Pro V soft and smooth shampoo.

    Oh my hubby is Jebali, ill have to ask him about this tonight inshaAllah..i think id be shocked to see it too.. but thumbs up for them wanting to keep thier hair nice n clean..bravo!!

    Am loving your posts..keep em coming.