Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Open Letter (Part II)

Oh my goodness, Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness!!! Nadia responded! I can't believe it! She wants to meet me!!!!. You can read her response here, and then my response to her response...

Dear Nadia

Before I begin, let me curtsey to you for such an entertaining response!!!. PomPom off to you my friend. Bravo! I have a permanent smile on my face, and I don't think anything today can spoil it. Your confidence is charming. And your demands? My goodness, don't want to cross you do I?

I am even more amused by your alegations of knowing me? This is becoming a fun game :) Your anonimity is giving me a rush, I hope to put it all to rest.

Interestingly enough, would you be surprised to know that I may just have an inkling as to who you really are. As you have said, Salalah is small...how many Dhofari girls do you know who have studied abroad(such as yourself)???? I've asked around of course.(sheepish smile)

And although I have plans this evening, I am simply to amused and too curious to not take up this opportunity. 6:30 pm don't be late. Check your email and rethink the shades.

your excited fan


I am soooo nervous and excited and scared and happy! I feel like I am going on a blind date LOL. She's so intimidating isn't she? I don't want to disappoint her. Oh gosh, what should I wear? Should I keep my abaya really casual, or class it up with a little  bling on my shayla? Should I wear heels or flats?? Should I bring her a gift? Only three hours till showtime!!!!! Cross your fingers, wish me luck, make dua'a, hope for the best!


  1. I have a video camera, this event must be documented!

  2. yeah man I feel the same.

  3. It might be late by now to comment. But, if it comes to me as I did respect Nadia up to the last blog. If someone gives me such conditions how to meet/ where to meet, even what to dress and to get in their car. I don’t care as much as WHO knows what behind this abayeh if it is a man dressed like a woman. The blog doesn’t reveal a thing even many people knows her it is still in my opinion as I’m your mothers age NOT really nice wording.. It happened before and today the idiot will follow such.

    It’s my strictly personal opinion; they might end up best buddies but Rania you will be always guided by such controlling friend. Sorry, Nadia. I do agree with the arrogant comment.

    I wish one of the ( UD, or jet driver) give it some inside comment! ! !

  4. Waiting for the details of the AGREEMENT between the two poles!

  5. Well there is nothing to say a blogger cannot stay annonymous. It may be that they are a public figure, or their family may disapprove. Each to their own.

    Meanwhile everyone watch the local press in the morning for news of a shootout between two undercover bandits :-)

  6. Guyz have you noticed, no detail of their meeting has emerged yet, none of 'em has written anything. Hope everything is fine with them both.

  7. Rania, where you at???

    Havent written anything about the meeting??

    Hope everything is fine with you and the meeting went well

  8. @Makhfeef,

    Hope this Nadia is a girl mate, Otherwise Rania might have got into trouble like one of the commentators said here that at instances guy dress like girls , Just sayin bcoz looks like you know who Nadia is??

    Really getting worried about Rania now.

    She hasnt even written anythin lately, whereas she doesnt miss a day without writin

  9. I'll ask the police in Salalah if there was any women fighting took place last tuesday!
    For sure it'll be Rania and Nadia.. I need someone also to go to the hospital and ask.

  10. @shahrazad

    since makhfeef doesnt reply, did u hear from nadia lately??

  11. Not really :/
    Maybe it's time to check on her?!

  12. are u sure, nadia is a girl though??

  13. Stop worrying, KNOWING Nadia style I think she asked Rania not to blog till she read all your comments to be in control. Even though I take it as sickening for educated person to behave in such manner. It is called insecure individual.

    BUT, on the other hand if any one of you know Salalah better- DON'T you think her husband should be worrying by now.

    Another hint sounding like TV mystery: Nadia & Rania same person playing a game with the blog...SO, let us see what is next. Just have fun on their behalf....

  14. By the way when we comment on Nadia's blog, you notice that your comment had to be approved first, so when she had 16 comments approved by now...THIS means that she is for sure having fun with all of our comments. I can say: Come on Nadia, stop acting like a child.

  15. NS, who are u, i wanna know about u now, not them

  16. Hmmm, the fact that both Nadia and Rania have not responded to the comments since their supposed meeting is both puzzling and frustrating. Comments on Nadia's blog have to be moderated, so she is obviously reading them but purposely not responding.

    After checking both blogs for the past few days for an update, I have decided that its a conspiracy (ha joking) and can't be bothered checking these pages anymore for an update.

    Hope the meeting went well ladies, but this reader won't be following anymore.

    I'm not sure if the whole thing was a ploy or not, whether Nadia & Rania are indeed the same person, or whether I believe the hype/drama from the bloggosphere anymore.

    Signing out for the last time - DD

  17. me too, signing out for the last time

  18. i cant help it guyz,i will probably keep checkin!!