Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obesity in Salalah...Contagious?

Okay, so maybe gaining weight is not contagious, like say, a cold. But it certainly has a way of creeping up on you, and then BAM you look in the mirror and you can't believe how you so subtly moved from the category of 'average' to...'chubby'? Like going from the sniffles to bed rest.

I know taking the excuse of living in Salalah sounds like a cheap shot to some, but let me just say, it absolutely, undoubtedly, plays a major role in weight gain, for women AND men. Sam can attest to this, not to mention all those men with protruding bellies in Dishdash. Once your teenage football days are over, youre in for it too guys!

It hit me last week, when Sam and I were invited to a friends house, he excitedly suggested I wear that one Abaya I got last year with the pretty pink embroidery. I gave him a sharp look. He was confused when I snapped and said "Very funny!" By the look on his face, I could tell he really wasn't being funny. "That one is tight on the arms now" I said, nearly whining. The whole night I kept thinking...oh my god, I can't fit in my Abaya, my ABAYA. I couldn't believe it. It's one thing not to be able to fit in your size 4 skinny jeans, but an Abaya? Geez, that's just crazy! The dress is a tent, or so I thought! I got so pissed at not being able to fit into that Abaya I grabbed a can of Dew, a bag of chips and hot sauce and wondered....where did I go wrong? =)

Besides the fact that a lot of Omanis don't have the best eating habits, one can still make smart choices in the foods they choose even with the VERY limited products available. But what about exercise?  Its no secret that exercise is essential to keeping a healthy, fit, trim body. Its what keeps that extra cookie or a can of Dew in check from making its way to your thighs or Abaya arms.

But in Salalah your options for exercise are very limited, and moreso as a woman. Yes, gyms are somewhat available. If youre okay with using old equipment, no air conditioning and limited hours of operation, then you don't share my gripe. Earlier this week after lamenting on this weight gain, Sam and I took a walk down "airport road". I was determined to get myself moving. I walked as quickly as I could without looking like a freak, while slightly holding my dress up to avoid tripping. When I got home, I had an ugly heat rash around my neck and chest. You can't exercise in all those clothes! Duh. You have to dress appropriate for the occasion, and Abaya is just not appropriate for exercise!

I obviously don't want to work out in spandex and a tank top, of course not. But even if I wanted to work out, covered, in long pants, a long sleeve cotton shirt and sneakers on the "airport road" people would stare at me like I'm c.r.a.z.y. Women just don't move quickly around here, we dwaddle, and certainly don't dress like that. We're bound to get fat, contagious I tell you.  Men can work out, run, do push ups etc, wearing whatever.  I guess the most we can get out is, walking the Abaya of course.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ooVoo Blocked in Oman?

I had an appointment to talk to Mom last night via ooVoo, but its BLOCKED!!! Damn you Omantel!!! First Skype now this!!! Monopoly! Control Freaks! I want to talk to ma' Mama!

Monday, May 17, 2010

This is how my morning started...

Yesterday, a picture frame propped on a shelf right above the computer fell down leaving an ugly scratch on my computer screen. I was pretty peeved. My boy saw my agitation and asked me if the computer got an "ouch". I nodded, too annoyed to explain...

Thank you my dear Son, for using your imagination, and yes you're right, it's big band-aid :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

What's Up With...


I've lost count of how many times I've seen this, because it happens nearly everyday. Dhofari men choose the strangest places to adjust their "underware". You could be waiting at an ATM, parked in front of a grocery store, at the beach, in a restaurant, or in this case in front of Center Point, and then all of a sudden, the dishdash goes up, a pull here, a fold there, a slight wiggle and you've just been semi flashed. Its no secret most men don't wear underware, so the thought of some random guy "fixing" himself is gross.

Seriously guys you should be a little more subtle about it, choose a place where people are not likely to see you. The other day while sitting in the car I turned to my right and the guy parked next to us was between our car and his facing ME, fixing his izaar. Thank the Good Lord I didn't see anything, and only caught him pulling his disdash down. He probably assumed no one was in the car since our windows are totally tinted. But someone WAS in the car! and had I turned to my right a few seconds earlier......

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Good Life

So now that I’m stuck here, I have to make the best of my life right? I have to actually use my brain and be creative. It’s a tough world I tell ya’. Why do I need to be creative? Well, because I live in Salalah, where little is happening on the outside, where life revolves around repetition, and few women have a productive life. You have to either have a network in order to know what, if anything is going on behind closed doors OR you have to create a life for yourself. Otherwise, if you’re an expat like myself, you can choose to live a life of solitude or live in a little bubble of the same few people living a life as close to what you’re used to back home. Both suck. So how did you find that balance? Give me ideas.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yawn, Stretch....I'm Awake!

Dear Friends,
I never intended for my blog to be about my very personal life or to use it as my daily diary so I decided to hibernate until things settled down at home. Things have settled...somewhat. Lots of different things happening at once. Just when you think you have a hold on life, something comes from left field and the whole game changes. A long while back, in one of my posts, I sought advice from you all asking when one should "just do it", you know take a challenge without really thinking too hard or getting too caught up in the details of it all, in other words, a risk. Well, I recently mustered the courage, attempted to do just that, take a risk. A good friend of mine offered me a opportunity I could hardly resist. I could get back into the workforce (more officially) and do what I love boss people around delegate. Even though I knew this meant a lot would have to be sacrificed and that a part of me was being selfish, I kept pushing for it. Well, things fell through, and I'm stuck here in Salalah. Not that thats an entirely bad thing, its just that I was looking forward to this opportunity. Sam has been a bit of a thorn in my back, reminding me of why we moved here in the first place and I should give it at least a 5 year go before venturing new ground, eh.

So after countless sleepless nights, I think I'm okay with embracing the idea that I'll be here for the long run. Wish me strength and blessings. Oh, and wish for the coffee shop to hurry up and get built! That will make living here all the more worthwhile.


Sunday, May 2, 2010


In hibernation.
Will be back soon.