Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sleepless Meets Gucci

People People hear me out!!!. There's no conspiracy here, no coincidences, no crazy wacky adventure and I have a valid excuse as to why I have been MIA (missing in action). This was never meant to cause frustration or to linger for so long. I'm actually sorry if it has caused any of you distress. For those of you who think my writing is a hoax, that I am liar or that I intend to cause drama, you are very wrong. I was simply sharing with you a very exciting episode in my real life and because I have a REAL life, I honestly didn't have the time to update my blog as soon as I thought I would (I went camping). As for Nadia, I did politely ask her to not post about our meeting until I returned from my camping trip. She agreed, and I hope this too, hasn't caused her trouble.

For the patient and faithful, what you've all been waiting for ... here's what happened. First, I was a little late meeting Nadia. I had only three hours to get ready and had to cancel prior plans, make sure the little ones were fed and race off to the "spot". By the way, no one suggested what I should wear, so I kept it simple:)

So, Nadia did approach me from a distance as she said she would, but she wasn't nearly as mean, bossy, or scary as she was in her reply. She was almost the total opposite. She was all smiles, very polite, funny and a little taller than I expected. Come to think of it though, after exchanging pleasantries, she did say "we're taking my car" and I just followed. Bossy? hmmm.

Our first stop: coffee of course, it helped take the edge off ... like booze I guess. We got two large coffees, fought over who would pay, she won, (bossy or just Dhofari?) And off to the corniche we went, her idea (bossy?). It was rather romantic actually. We sat on the beach with hot coffee and the comfortable winter air around us, and the sound of the waves hitting the shore. I've never been on a blind friend date before, without ever at least talking over the phone, so this was kinda weird cool.

She did not wear her pink grilled shades, although later she pulled them out of her bag and had a pair for me!!. I didn't think those shades were real in her profile pic, did you?. Anyway, we spent nearly three hours chatting, sharing and laughing, we even came up with a really fantastic idea about blogging (will share details soon). I honestly enjoyed myself. The interesting thing, is that although Nadia was pretty awesome, (and we've exchanged numbers and have texted several times since our meeting), she really is a very different person from what I expected based on her writing. I'm not exactly sure what I "expected" and I am not at all disappointed, on the contrary I'm thrilled we met. It's hard to really explain. It's kinda like meeting the author of your favorite novel. Its just strange. She certainly doesn't fit the stereotype. Some things though, remain the same, she had lots to say with a tinge of sarcasm of course, she knows so much about Salalah and is very proud of her community, she is also quite the intellectual.

When I got home, the kids were STILL awake and the babysitter (my hubby) did a poor job of keeping things tidy;) On the upside, we had a wonderful time camping over this long weekend, where he earned major brownie points!

In the end, I am really glad our paths have crossed (Nadia and me). I think its safe to say we both left a lasting impression on the other and we will be friends. And yes I caved and wore those ridiculous glasses.

PS To Nadia, I never asked you how you found my blog???


  1. Finally!!!!!!!! Glad you and Nadia are buds :)

  2. LoL the pink grilled shades part is my fav part!

    I'm thrilled...good story! so good actually!

  3. I am happy you two met and are safe. I have been waiting for DAYS! Scary world you know, even if just Salala.

    Potatos? lol.

  4. lool.. now you make me wanna meet you and nadia...

    glad the outcome was safe =p

  5. I think it is shameful for women to meet in the night time. Rania you say your husband is Omani? what man lets his wife out to meet in such places? Maybe its better to meet in your house.

  6. Dear Anonymous, Get a life. You keep on repeating yourself again and again.

  7. Anonymous #4, youre obviously male. I second Nadia, "Get a life" theres NO harm in women meeting OUSTIDE of their houses. duh.

  8. Hehe! Seemed so exciting and the way you talked about it is adorable!

    Glad you guys finally met! InshAllah you'll both be good friends for a really really long time! ^^

    You have a lovely blog!

  9. sorry for double posting

    but I really liked the whole grilled glasses...thing! You guys should start a trend =P

  10. I have to share my opinion with all of guys so let me elaborate what are the following.
    At times we don't know actually the background of the subject thought we still blaming or insisting on ourselves to give out what we are hiden.
    For example the incident which took place in Alhaffa beach at that suspecious time.
    i reckon,or let me say i am sure that any external things such as culture,in brackets(westernization)does have an effect on other cultures due to its emerging behaviours in our people.
    If we don't have values that we have to stick to; that means we are astry ship in the sea it ships where the wind takes it.
    i dont mean that women should stay at home or don't have right to drive and so on.
    what i mean is women in general are respected to some certian extends they have all right but they don't have a right to spoil or to go beyond bounderies that known by their societies.
    I can't support such act because it is unacceptable,inapproprate and irreasonale attempt.
    My warm regards

  11. Guyz have you notices, that you get a sense of arrogance from Nadia's writings whereas from Rania's a sense of humility.

    I dont know why but I am a regular follower of both the blogs and this is what I have observed.

    No offence to Nadia, but God knows as much as Rania tries to keep it sweet and humble even after reading Nadia's blog, Nadia on the contrary gives a sense of not being courteous enough or may be it's just me!!!

    Like Nadia's reply sayin that Rania was not focussed and mat and chairs came outta her car...dont sound a befittin reply when everythin is goin very light hearted.

    Probably Nadia still needs some time to reach that level where Rania is!!!

  12. Yo Rania, Nadia says you were the same person she had found out about from her sources.

    and what about her, was she also the same person you said you had found out about???

  13. I see some of us have mixed feelings about the "Meeting".
    Faith and G-Chan, the shades are very entertaining, I suggest every girl get a pair! I kept mine:)

    Mahfeef: about potatoes, are you saying we look like Mr. Potato Head? LOL. That made me crack up just thinking about it!

    Ahmad: thank you for stopping by and sharing your opinion. The timing of our meeting wasn't "suspicious", it was convenient. I really am trying to see your side but I honestly don't see anything remotely indecent with two Muslimahs meeting in a public place for a chat, it really was great. However, I do know, for a fact, a lot of indecent things happen behind closed doors in this society. May Allah guide us and keep us from THOSE things. Your opinion is appreciated.

    Anonymous 5: I am tickled pink by your flattery! however, after meeting Nadia in person, I can vouche for her as a wonderful individual who is NOT arrogant or mean. She's really sweet, and her writing style is fun, keep reading her blog =)

    Anonymous 6: Unfortunately my sources proved me to be wrong. Nadia is really good at being anonymous. I am still trying to uncover her identity .... all in good time.

  14. Amen my Allah show us the direct and accepetable path.
    Thanks for your reply,if we are reformists we mustn't look at the side of misbehavir,troublemaking and,wrongdoing other word, we shouldn't imitate bad,careless people.
    If we want changes we musn't change faces,we must face the challenges in order to change bad things.
    Ahmed.................warm regards

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  16. Rania I said potatos not potatoes, it is a new Salalian-English word that means 'girls meeting'.
    Joking..(sorry it was a spelling mistake!)
    But I am sorry to say you both look like potatoes colored black, and wearing shades!. Ha ha ha.. not serious!
    I am happy that you both meet and had nice time together.
    Regarding your meeting at night I think it is something personal depending on how you both trust yourselfes and each other

  17. Mahviv, I see. whats the connection with potatoes and women meeting?

    we do look like potatoes :)

    The time of our meeting is really irrelavant don't you think? Its not like we decided to meet at 2am secretly. Our intentions were and still remain pure alhamdulilah. I think you and Ahmad should meet too :)

  18. Rania my name is Mahfaif not Mahviv..
    The relationship between women and potatoes is soooooo aggressive (women always cut potatoes)

  19. Mahfaif, sorry to have said your name incorrectly, but I could have sworn you had Mahviv before?

    women always cut potatoes? LOL true