Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random Snapshots in Salalah

Just before taking this photo, we saw a man lingering by the trash checking out this toilet. Good reminder; one persons s*** can be anothers treasure.
Want Pizza? Well, you can't get it from Burj Pizza. But if you need a table or couch to eat your pizza ON, go to Burj Pizza wth?.
Yeah, I thought this was funny, so did the Indian guy working at Ramiz who gave me a sheepish smile and a wink when he saw me taking this photo, perve!

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Picnics, Weddings and Football

I've been partying these past few weeks. Literally partying...watching football, meeting with friends, shopping, having picnics in the mountains and going to weddings. Salalah is covered in tents and fog. Everyone has decided Khareef is the best time to get married, its okay if its your first, or second or third marriage, its on! My neighbor just celebrated his 3rd wedding yesterday!!! His eldest daughter is 32 and his youngest child is 8 months old...gotta love Salalah. By the way, Nadia was not exaggerating when she likened Dhofari wedding makeup to Marilyn Manson, I couldn't think of a more accurate description, seriously. God help them! Really you people need to get over the white skin crap.

It's picnic time here! Let the kite flying begin!!! Take a drive up into the mountains and people are having a blast! Thats one of the wonderful things about living in Salalah, the whole place is virtually a great picnic spot. You can park your car anywhere, set up a mat anywhere and picnic or BBQ in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature.

With all my partying, Sam has been taking full advantage of the evenings. He gets together with his friends every thursday for a late evening BBQ in the Jebel that starts no earlier than 9:30 PM.
BBQ Menu
Lamb Chops (an insane amount)
Dew (enough to spark diabetes)
Khubz (pita bread, used to hold piping hot lamb chops and as a makshift napkin)
Watermelon (dessert? or to guarantee indigestion?)

Sam comes home around 2AM smelling like cooked meat. He flosses the lamb out of his teeth and sleeps like a newborn baby...Khareef is good.

When there's no BBQ in the mountains, there's Football.  Most of Salalah is in mourning after Brazils loss, watching Ghana lose was agonizing and Germany-Argentia was just pathetic.

I gotta say, there's just something about seeing grown men, with fantasic physics, and in such great shape, manly men I like to say, just crumble down on their knees to weep after losing....a game? I can't help but feel so sorry and I admit maybe Ive let a tear or two fall, not because of the actual loss, because after all, if I dare say, it is just a game, no instead the tears fall because somehow watching a man crumble does something to a woman, a mother, of course a couple diliberate blinks and eyes are dry, but that little lump in my throat always remains.

I'd like to be a little more consistant with my blog, its been a little hard though...I'm taking full advantage of the cooler weather and I'm not even as eager as I was before about going back home after Ramadan.