Saturday, December 12, 2009

Open Letter

The weather is putting me in such a strange mood. I love the clouds, the breeze and the coolish air that comes through. I wish I could sit on my terrace all day with endless cups of coffee (cappuccino would be nice) and a stack of novels. Let me fantasize a little cleaning or dusting, laundry or vacuuming, no needy children, no studying , no phone calls to make, just me and my mistress accompanied by books. Ah, no such luck.

On a more serious note, I have a bit of a dilemma. I’ve never had a real problem making friends, but it seems all of a sudden I lost my touch? So here’s my letter, in an attempt to be friends with a stranger.

Dear Nadia,

I am writing you this open letter, in front of all my readers in hopes that perhaps they can put in a good word for me, and you will respond, or at least leave a comment.

I have privately emailed you three times already and have not received a response. I thought you enjoyed reading my blog and would take interest in meeting me? I even thought it would be nice to meet, face to face (without the shades)? I love coffee, as I  know you do. Maybe I can treat you to a cup? We can chat the night away...about life in Salalah?

your ignored fan,



  1. That sounds... sweet!

  2. Now Come on Nadia, that's not fair. She seems to be a really friendly lady and that too away from home, she must be feeling home sick.

    You really gotta her.

  3. Dont worry Rania, I suppose she had been busy with her guests lately and hadnt had a chance to look at her emails. Now she is tryin to play it hard.

  4. Rania there are other female bloggers from Salalah,I dont remember their names , one probably being Non crowned princess or something.

    talk to her if this Nadia doesnt reply.

    She is probably scared of your rivalry.

    I pity her, it could have been a friendly team of you both with different points of view.

  5. Its a shame really, i know Nadia checks her blog/email regularly and I posted a comment re: this AND her post today (regarding your contact) on her blog today saying that its ok if she doesn't want to 'meet' you (for whatever reason, she may have reservations about anonymity) buts its NOT ok (in my book) to not reply as its common courtesy...and my comment is STILL to be approved or moderated.

    Interesting no? I hope you know that regardless, your thoughts, comments and blog and appreciated and entertaining, not only in Oman but globally :)

  6. Yeah but in one of her own blogs if I recall, she herself said it would be fun meeting Rania and stuff.

  7. it's not you. I emailed her a couple weeks ago to ask a question about Salalah and never got a response, either.

  8. Wow where did all you Anonymous people come from!!? Thank you so much for your support.
    I think Nadia and I should meet don't you?

    Im glad to know I am not the only one she is ignoring, maybe she really is busy? he he

    Keep your fingers crossed friends!

  9. Go easy on Nadia. If I were her I would also be hesitant to make contact. Nothing personal against you. But SLL is a small place and it takes time to build up trust. And the blogosphere cuts thru all that!

  10. I think Nadia is not ready yet to reveal about her personality.
    But I encourage her to meet you. Am sure that your discussion will be very beneficial.

  11. And to be honest, if Dhofar Gucci replied to you right now you would have to wonder if she did it because of peer pressure or because she genuinely was interested in meeting you?

    Perhaps you will need to move on from this notion of 'meeting' may not meet your expectations or be all its cracked up to be?

    Shame really...if nothing more than for enlightening conversation and good coffee? x

  12. Yo guyz does anybody wonder why nadia hasnt psted any reply.

    If she has approved the comments then she must have seen everythin, still didnt reply.

    I think nadia is discouraged to see so much support for Rania and not even a single comment in her favour apart from one anonymous comment sayin goin easy ,,,what do u mean go easy man???

  13. Rania looks like you are very popular amongst the ppl out there.

  14. Well......I think Nadia has all the right to think or even not to reveal herself or anything like that. After all this Bloge business is about writing behind the sense for some people as it might be the case of Nadia and Rania herself. If it is something that is between Rania and Nadia, why all this encouragement from you all. As I said earlier for some people it is more convenient to right in the dark or as it is called by Omani-cypers "Bats of the Dark". If a blogger's personality is revealed it is like an end for some activities that he/she can share with you. This is of course is not in general but we are speaking here about a special case. Salalah is so tiny that you can easily remember faces or just ask a friend about someone and within few minutes you get an FBI report-like about him.

    Take it easy on Nadia, I personally support her decision not to answer the call, and in the same time she can be a good friend for through her blog. In the end I'm not Nadia to deside I just wanted to express my frustration about all your calls for both females to meet. Leave it to them, right.

    Nothing personal……………PEACE

  15. I agree that she has a personal choice, but Nadia is always trying to guess the identity of other bloggers in why the big deal with this?

    Noone is asking her to reveal her true self, moreso asking why she won't reply at all? She has the right to decline meeting Rania, but declining would mean replying and acknowledging the request in the 1st place.

    And yes, she would have been aware of the comments as she has been moderating them. I'm sure she is a bit down, but people aren't 'hating' on her, I for one am one of her staunch supporters on most posts. I would say that most people in the bloggosphere, like me, are just confused thats all.

    My 2c

  16. An outstanding share! I've just forwarded this onto a co-worker who has been doing a little homework on this. And he in fact bought me dinner due to the fact that I found it for him... lol. So let me reword this.... Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending the time to talk about this matter here on your blog.

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