Monday, June 14, 2010


Total writers block. The days are moving quickly with little excitement or enthusiasm to write. Everything in Salalah seems drab. Khareef is creeping up, the Ocean is vicious, the sky grey, the clouds thick. Although it is so warm outside, the grey sky puts me into winter mode and so I've been craving soups (the blasted AC doesn't help). God I miss a little cold, what I'd do for a cold breeze!. I much prefer the indoors for now, until Khareef truly comes. I hate the feeling of my abaya being stuck to me from the unrelenting humidity and the stickiness under my burqa. Arghhh the burqa!

Today I  thought I could relax a bit on Haffa before sunset and enjoy the view, I never made it out of the car. The ocean has moved in so close there is barely any sand to sit on and the humidity is simply unbearable. Apparently the weather has not affected the men folk of Salalah, for they are all glued to the tv screens outside watching football. One of these days I'm gonna pull up a chair and watch the game too on that huge screen darn it!! Better yet, open my own little restaurant for WOMEN ONLY and play chick flicks on the big screen.

The rumor lately is that another cyclone is coming...heading straight for Salalah? I haven't seen anything on the weather channel or news. I keep getting text messages to prepare for it, stock up on water etc. Why are people so paranoid?

What else?....Oh, still trying to fit in a much needed trip back home. Things are "busy" at work for Sam, so I have to be patient, but my patience is wearing thin and I miss ma' Mama!. I'm thinking of doing a layover in France, I hear the weather in Paris is nice.


  1. Here is a suggestion for writer's block; investigate the outage of Omantel yesterday! I am new, but 8 hours+ and NO EXPLANATION is too much. Oh Nawras, when will you arrive to brighten my day and speed up my downloads?

  2. Yes yes good topic. I can't figure them out, Omantel.

    It has been VERY muggy outside. I'll be leaving soon so I'll miss out on the Kareef. It would have been lovely to catch a break from the smoltering heat!

    Great shot of Haffa

  3. Rania, your post is invaluable to me... so long I've dreamed to slow down my crazy life pace and have time and patience to spend with my children, hopefully in a hot country... instead I get daily stress of school deliveries changing 3 train/tubes, rushing to work, working without break as I have to come early to pick kids up, getting home at 5pm to cook, clean, do homework that we try to fit in a couple of hours, barely having time to remember my name - the only thing keeping me going is my arabic book (I am learning arabic), the trips we take in holidays and the projects that I still hung on to, although there is never time to fit any of my dreams in...

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