Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grand Mosque: They let me in!!!

Yesterday, I took two friends with me to visit the Grand Mosque... and we were let in!! I couldn't tell you if it was because the guard was in a really good mood, or the fact that all burqas were stuffed in our purses, or that we were unmistakably non-Omani looking, but we got in people!!!. I wanted to do a cartwheel in the courtyard but thought better of it. 

I still have mixed feelings though. Should I attempt next time to go with a group of Omani women, in burqa, and then see if we're let in? Maybe the last guard thought it was "ayb" for an Omani man to take his wife into the mens section of the Mosque? hmmmm.

Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves. We had the whole Mosque to ourselves. I was especially touched when my non-Muslim friend Nathalie decided to bow down on the carpet trying to take in the whole experience of prayer.

I think the chandelier in the men's section is pretty awesome!

This is what happened the last time I tried to visit the Grand Mosque


  1. Yes, collective prayer is such a beautiful feeling. That's one of the things I love about being Muslim. Peace ~ matti

  2. Im not surprised. Im glad you got in Rania. More of the women in Salalah should try to get in too.

  3. as salam alaikum rania,

    i was in qaboos masjid the other day myself..mashaAllah tabarakAllah its soo beautifull inside. I was shocked to see plasma screen tvs too hehe.. modrn masjid mashaAllah.

    so happy u got lil boy went into the mens side with my hubby while i prayed, the guard said to my hubby to get him out incase he cried but hubby said noo ill carry him around, we jst want lil ququ to see masjid. hubby said his eyes were wide open and smiling from ear to ear mashaAllah felt grt to get back in a masjid again after giving birth.

    hugs n loves xx

  4. So glad you got let in Rania!!!

  5. I dont get it. What happened?

  6. yes - you should try and get in with a group on Omani women - and being subversive, why not hang around until a large group of tourists arrive and go in just before them

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