Thursday, March 4, 2010

Silence in Salalah


I have been least temporarily.

Apparently one of Sams dear co-workers asked him if I was the Rania behind Sleepless (He read the recent article from Times of Oman on bloggers in Oman and has taken an interest, so I was told).  Sam initially denied it of course and has firmly, but polietly asked me to "please rethink writing the blog so closely to our real life."

My initial reaction was "I really don't give a who if Mr.S knows who I am" and I've proven this by todays entry. I am sensitive about how Sam feels and for that reason alone I am still "rethinking". Who knew old Dhofari men had time for Sleepless?


  1. old dhofari men probably land on this blog by googling "i'm sleepless in dhofar, where the party at" :)

  2. Old Dhofari men, thinking of them makes me shudder!

  3. dont let old men keep you down. KEEP WRITING RANIAAAAAA

  4. .... You said this guy was "has taken an interest" in your blog, so why stop?

    Your blog is very inspiring and I read every entry you write. I check every day to see if there has been a new post.

    Why has Sam asked you to stop?

  5. Rania,
    maybe you shouldnt let people tell you what to do with you blog. This is your ideas this is your thoughts and you should not care about if someone has figured out the person behind the writing. Please continue to write. I really enjoy reading your blog and check it to see if you write. My only disappointment is that you dont write every day. Please keep up the writing. Tell Sam that he should support your talents and desires. And remember, Dhofari men can't don anything even if they know who you are.

    Daughter of Dhofar

  6. Keep writing !!!
    BTW, what is your facebook id ? (LOL)

  7. i am sure all this silent has at least given u alot of topics to write about.

    U bloggers rock man

    Keep it up