Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yawn, Stretch....I'm Awake!

Dear Friends,
I never intended for my blog to be about my very personal life or to use it as my daily diary so I decided to hibernate until things settled down at home. Things have settled...somewhat. Lots of different things happening at once. Just when you think you have a hold on life, something comes from left field and the whole game changes. A long while back, in one of my posts, I sought advice from you all asking when one should "just do it", you know take a challenge without really thinking too hard or getting too caught up in the details of it all, in other words, a risk. Well, I recently mustered the courage, attempted to do just that, take a risk. A good friend of mine offered me a opportunity I could hardly resist. I could get back into the workforce (more officially) and do what I love boss people around delegate. Even though I knew this meant a lot would have to be sacrificed and that a part of me was being selfish, I kept pushing for it. Well, things fell through, and I'm stuck here in Salalah. Not that thats an entirely bad thing, its just that I was looking forward to this opportunity. Sam has been a bit of a thorn in my back, reminding me of why we moved here in the first place and I should give it at least a 5 year go before venturing new ground, eh.

So after countless sleepless nights, I think I'm okay with embracing the idea that I'll be here for the long run. Wish me strength and blessings. Oh, and wish for the coffee shop to hurry up and get built! That will make living here all the more worthwhile.



  1. As salam alaikum Rania habibiti.

    Im glad to see you back in the bloggosphere. I admire ur strength to go forth and seek your dreams. Mine have been on hold since i got married and a part of me says i need to acheieve them soon before i get too old.

    May Allah help you in making your dreams become reality & make all goodness be easy for you to obtain while all evil and badness is kept far away from you.Ameen.

    You mentioned about a coffe shop, would it be rude of me to ask about this ? I have some plans for future inshaAllah that i want to do here in salalah..maybe we can chit chat about them one day personnaly.

    And i wanted to say dont be sad, your here stuck in salalah with myself and Nadia.. im sure we can enjoy our time together in the days to come. IM looking forward to some exciting moments inshaAllah.

    hiyyach Allah.

  2. YAY! You're back! I've been checking your blog every day since you went into "hibernation". Glad you're back. Write, write, write, write!

    Soooo, TELL US ABOUT THE COFFEE SHOP. Excited excited excited! There can never be too many coffee shops in one town.

    BTW, have you tried Cafe de Paris? It's French & does fantastic waffles & pancakes.

  3. Rania -

    I've been here 8+ years now (in Muscat) and I've had many of those 'sleepless nights' that you mentioned!

    I don't know what I'm trying to exactly say, but I've gone through those moments of reality sinking in and saying, "Girl - this is the rest of your life!" and then doing a double gulp! :)

    It's hard sometimes, but looking at the bigger picture I know for sure, 100% our life is way much better than it would ever be in the U.S. That's not to say I don't miss it because sometimes I miss home so much it hurts. Other times, I'm completely in love with Oman. It's a tricky situation, but we (girls like us) have to make the most out of it. I have to say that you seem way more level headed than I was in the beginning of being here!

    I hope that coffee shop opens up for you real soon!

  4. Hey Rania
    Im really glad youre writing again. I know the feeling. HIBERNATION IS GOOD.

    You can let out more on your blog because in the end, youre still anonymous anyway.

    Hope things can still work out for you and that you don't have to "move away" to find contentment.

    Best luck

  5. Hi Rana

    Sometimes we want something that is not good for us. Maybe this is better for your family and not selfish.

    it will work out you will see.

  6. Thanks friends for the encouragement, it actually really makes a difference. I am honestly surprised how the words of absolute strangers can have an effect on me. Hmmmm. =)

  7. I'm no stranger but just wanted to say you CAN create a life for yourself wherever you are! Make the best of everything. We all go through periods of frustration even if we're in our hometown. Salalah can be very very very frustrating even for locals like me. You need to get out more. WE need to get out more. Let's do our Mughsayl breakfast thing soon.

  8. Nadia, yes we really should get together soon. You need to stop being such a workaholic, hurry up with this wedding and start hanging out with your friends! I miss you :(

  9. hi all,

    i have no idea what you talking abut ladies..
    i just googleing somestuff and found this pages ( sleepiness in salalah) !!!
    i decided to go in details..
    so would you please brief me in what what really trying to express here!