Friday, November 20, 2009

Grocery Shopping Va(rare)ity

Grocery Shopping in Salalah

Aisle 1-Rice (Basmati)

Aisle 2-Milk (canned, every flavor and type)

Aisle 3-Snacks (Chocolate bars)

Aisle 4-Frozen Food (Chicken nuggets)

Aisle 5-Condiments  (Hot Sauce)

Aisle 6-Vegetables  (3 kinds)

In all fairness, maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but this is exactly my first impression. Needless to say the first month here we ate out. Some days were finger lickin' other days ... (I'll leave that for another post)

I was spoiled in Muscat. I can count on my fingers the things I couldn't find. Never did I expect Salalah to be so different! People here eat simply, not neccesarily healthily, but simply. As long as you can put hot sauce on/in it, and down it with a Mountain Dew, its all good.

But every now and then, Salalah surprises me and a new exciting item hits the shelves like Canada Dry Cream Soda!!!. I go nuts, stock up and run, cause you never know if you'll see it again. Slowly, I am learning to appreciate that "a little goes a long way".


  1. You forgot the spice aisle! 265,000 bags of cumin and bazaar!

  2. But of course! Can't forget the 265,000 bags of nearly the same thing!

  3. How dare you compare orange bazaar with yellow bazaar and brown bazaar and golden bazaar??!

  4. This was my impression of the market place too. I take trips to Muscat every 2 months to get my specailty items.

    expat from australia

  5. When I lived in Salalah I shopped at what was once Spinneys up by the RAFO base entrance. Never had a problem getting anything I wanted there. Will not shop at lulu because of the incredible rudeness of the cash people.

  6. looooooooooooooooool, OMG, Its u? Every time I come to Istiqrar looking for Canada Dry, it’s out of shelf. I swore so many times at the person who caused this scarcity of my favourite drink. Next time I'll make sure I'm at the Istiqrar when the supplies arrive. Sleepless, I declare The War of The Soft Drink on you, get ready for the battle.