Thursday, November 12, 2009


I remember being on the plane looking out the window surveying the land beneath me. I couldn't believe I was heading ‘home’ to a place I had never seen or even heard of until 5 months prior.

Palm trees swayed in the wind giving me solace, a hallmark of island living. There were large patches of lush green, jagged mountains and then miles on end of nothing but desert. The plane landed, I took a deep breath and gathered my children. Finally, we were... ‘home’??.

My husband was waiting for us at the gate. I could barely walk straight from utter exhaustion. Salalah is literally a world away from home and I had been traveling for over 24 hours. I caught the glances of a few fellow passengers, watched their eyes flash from mine and then to each child and finally back to mine, this time with pity. I smiled, we’re okay, the journey is over.

We loaded the car, I sat in the front seat squinting, my eyes nearly shut from the harsh brightness of the outdoors. The sun was beaming down so hard and after such a trip, sunlight was the last thing I wanted. I peered out the window taking in this new piece of world. My husband played ‘tour guide’ naming the buildings, areas, types of trees, types of people, landmarks, etc. I was quiet, my heart at ease. There was something about this far away place that settled me.

The apartment was bright, spacious and most importantly clean. I went from room to room familiarizing myself with the walls that would now be my abode.  Sam took me into the kitchen to meet my mistress. There she stood in all her glory, untouched and awaiting my arrival. Kindly, respectfully, hubby left, so that I could satiate my ongoing affair with cacao beans. (Coffeemaker)

I sipped slowly, finishing my cup. I was so tired. I crashed, the kids crashed, we all crashed, only to wake up at 3 am to start our first day in Salalah, Oman. Allah you are Mercy and you have answered my prayers.


  1. Ehem... great post :) Keep writing

  2. Since it is often considered against the law for foreign women to marry Omani men (unless they have a disability or are over forty) how did you get permission to do so? If you don't mind me asking. Sorry! LOL.

  3. No disability and not near forty, just Wasta :)

  4. I like to call it "connections"
    Are you interested in marrying an Omani ;)

  5. Maybe????????????????????? Maybe not. Couldn't say. Have to remain vague LOL.

    Exciting oui?