Monday, November 23, 2009

2147 Camel Street, Barefoot City, Salalah, Oman

Mom: “So I really want to send you and the kids some things for your Eid”
Me: “Really Mom thats sweet, but we don't need anything”

Mom: “The kids say they really miss eating pancakes and  asked me for lollypops and I couldn’t help myself I bought a few more dresses”
Me “Oh don’t worry Mom, they have pancake mix here, its just not Aunt Jamima, but its good.  No more clothes either, please don’t trouble yourself”

Mom: “Yes, but I want to send them something, I miss them so much, and since I can’t see them, it would bring me so much joy if I could send them some things... I really want to send you a package, hold on let me get a pen for your mailing address hun”
Me: “Wait! Mom!… Mom?…Mom wait don't get a pen,  we don’t have a mailing address"

Mom: “What? What do you mean?"
Me: “I mean, we DON’T have a mailing address, people don’t have regular mailing addresses here. I mean I could get a PO box but..

Mom: “What?! What do you mean you don't have an address? Where do you get your bills? Where are you again Sweetie?  How can you NOT have a mailing address?”
Me: “We don’t really receive mail”….(except the gas bill slipped under our front door). "Salalah, Mom, we're near Yemen" (I said that on purpose)


Mom: “I just don’t understand, you mean to tell me that you live in a house but you don’t have an address,?”
Me: “yes”

Mom: “Well what if I need to send you something, what am I supposed to do?”
Me: “You can fedex it here in Salalah and we can pick it up, or... I could get a P.O box.

Mom: “So fedex has an address but you don’t?"
Me: smiling “yeah Mom”.


  1. hahaha!
    nice one!

    It is weird to not have an address... I am sure the house must have a number or something and if your mom sent something with DHL or another company she can tell them to go to the house and get a signature or so and not give the item if you are not home.

    But what do I know. =)

  2. Packages CAN get delivered to the post office. Just go to the little post office in your area and register for a post box. You get a little key. They deliver your mail to the box, and if you get a package, they put a little yellow paper in your box telling you to come pick it up at the desk. It's pretty efficient.

  3. I know that Nadia, but I meant it is possible to have delivered to your home, right?
    Depending on which company you use.

  4. Squinty: No number on our house, I swear! And I don't think you can have a package delivered to your home, maybe Nadia knows?
    Nadia: yeah post office, I should register for a box just for Mom.

  5. lool.. wow..
    very interesting..

  6. Even the conversation with your mother sounds hilarious. I’m sorry Rania, I have to ask you this since you have children with Sam (the Omani guy) knowing where you were traveling to Salalah, with your mother passion about the pancake and the syrup sounds American.

    For God sake you mean to tell me that you never showed your mother a map where is OMAN. I spent short time in Oman and I think you should be careful that the house doesn’t have a number so MR. Hubby doesn’t want the other wife get mixed up…..

    Hey, listen this is the American way, in case you miss Jay leno or David Letterman which both are not my favorites by the way….You can tell your mother to Google it or how about youtube they will teach the history of Oman will be good education for the children! I think.

  7. For online help, Write To FedEx.

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    I'm trying to be nice.........:)