Monday, February 1, 2010

Salalah Sugar Shortage

I don't know all the logistics of whats going on with the sugar, but its true, and Nadia is right...its hard to come by. Last night we had a family friend over and I used up the remaining sugar we had for tea and cookies. Sam went out this morning to Al Istikrar to grab some more for my ritual, obligatory, absolutely necessary morning coffee....NO SUGAR to be found at our local market.

Bravely, he came home empty handed. Without my "medicine" its hard to think straight. I demanded (with pouting lips) could he please go on a search for sugar. Three supermarkets later he found some at Al Mashoor in Sa'ada, ALHAMDULILAH!! Ive had  my dose and now I need to figure out if I'll have to ration what we have.


  1. Wonder if this is a problem in all of Oman?

  2. I found sugar at istikrar. Let me know if you need some Rania =)