Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Hanson in Muscat

If you're in Muscat, you shouldn't miss this!!! Shaykh HamzaYusuf Hanson will be speaking in Qurum Park and at the Grand Mosque Lecture Hall.

Details of Lectures:

Lecture No. 1: History and Impact of islam in Europe
Wednesday 14th April, 2010 (08:15pm)
City Ampitheatre (Qurum Park)

Lecture No.2: Others' Perception of Islam and Muslims
Thursday 15th April, 2010 (08:15pm)
City Ampitheatre (Qurum Park)

Lecture No.3: How Just is Islam to Followrs of Other Religions..
Friday 16th April, 2010 (08:15pm)
Sultan Qaboos Grand Masjid Lecture Hall (heres a map)

If anyone is able to attend I would be sooo grateful to hear your impressions.
**It's on these occasions I wish I lived in Muscat.


  1. You could always go. I can babysit.

  2. simply the BEST. do you think they will have the lectrures DVDs on sale after the event??

  3. I'm planning to attend the lecture on Wednesday. If I did, I'd make sure to post my views.

  4. I can't attend the lecture. My bad luck.

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  6. Rania, can I ask you to hope over to my blog and take two minutes to participate in my post there? Thanks.

  7. as salam alaikum sis.
    i know of a sis in qurum muscat, im not sure if she is going or not but i can ask her for u. Allahu alim.
    ive decided to join u and sis gucci on a blogging session from salalah..so i have set my blog up..feel free to pass by www.sweetnessofsalalah.blogspot.com
    its early days but im sure interesting things will go up in the evenings while my lil one sleeps.
    hiyyach Allah

  8. I've attended the first lecture... It was fantaaaaaastic... I can't describe it in words really i'm speechless... I used to watch his lectures, discussions, interviews on TV... but the situation is totally different when hear from him live... yeah not forget to mention that someone called Imam Zeid (American also) presented a topic for almost 20 min about the Afro-american iconic muslims in USA (in past and present) as an introduction to the main subject... but really masha2 Allah the Shekh was adorable in every sense of the word...

  9. Umm Ququ: Welcome to the blogsphere. :) I'm excited about what you have to share!!

    AmasE: Yes I hear the lectures are awesome and that the topics have covered issues like face-whitening cream, women in islam, the blessings of oman? I want to hear more, so if you can share more details with us please do!

    Restless: I'll be stopping by today ! :)

  10. Rania... face-whitening cream naaaa I didn't heard anything abt that... Maybe on Thursday's lecture coz I couldn't attend it...
    OK i will write a quick brief:
    He talked about what Muslims give to the world... He spoke about the Muslims' achievements...also He mentioned some a7adeeth about Oman... He did speak about women and he said that nowadays women are better coz men usually in Islam preferable on women by "Jihad" but because there is no more Jihad those days men is not anymore (it was a joke :) )...

  11. Do you know Ice cream was invented by Muslims originally??? Italians then took it from muslims and spread it in Europe...
    Most of the fruits names are in Arabic like banana and orange... European at that era were likely not to eat them coz they have superstations about fruits and vegetables, e.g. Tomato...
    What was most interesting to me is that he mention propaganda and how is media in US... and he said that ppl in the news there usually hear this: "Victims in the **** plain crash are 2 american, 3 dutch, 4 canadian and 10 from other nationalities" hahhaha... the other nationalities are usually from third world countries (middle east and Africa)... A lot of information I gained it from the lectures (Wednesday and Friday) but Friday's lecture I like it more coz it discuss a contemporary issue, we should all be aware of it... ahhhh I’m really tired of writing I prefer to discuss the topics orally loooool I can't write everything... I always discuss such topics with my friend when we meet either in SLL or MCT... I Wish that u was able to attend the lectures so you can transfer the details in a much better way...

  12. I was able to attend the lectures and I am so happy that I did. Their were two Shaykhs actually. Imam Zayd Shakir AND Hamza Yusuf. They were excellent speakers and I learned so much from them.

    We need more Shaykhs like them to come and speak to our community. They love the religion and a lot of non-muslims came to hear them. One man on the last talk was so touched by their talk and he said that he was so glad that he came out. He said that the other talks he went to only critized the west, but the two Shaykhs did not.

    It really would have been good for you to be there Rania because then you could write about it eloquently for everyone.

    ps how do I "follow" your blog?

  13. Anonymous: just click on follow?

  14. I was there but missed out on the event.

  15. I was there but missed out on the event.

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