Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Road Less Traveled

When do you know if you should just bite the bullet, have faith, take a risk or as Nike says "just do it"?

I have been battling with a personal dilemma for months now. I have to decide whether to take a huge chance and pursue a "dream" or pass up the opportunity and remain "safe". If I "just do it" there is so much I am putting at risk, everything and everyone around me will be affected in some way or another. There's a part of me that says I must fulfill this dream at all costs and that in the end it will benefit myself and my family.

Then there’s the other side. The side that tells me I am being selfish, too much is at risk, and that the risk isn't worth the cost. The potential for it to all crumble down and be a mistake weighs heavy on my shoulders.
Yes of course I have prayed on it, talked endlessly with myself about it, chewed my mothers ear off about it, even dreamt about it, and still after all that I am unsure.

Help please, when do you know when/if you should "just do it"!


  1. Sometimes, Much more effort is put in thinking of something then just getting it done and over with..

    Ask your self now, Do you really have time to waste just thinking of doing it? or you can use this time on better things, like spending it on something productive with family and friends..


  2. You still haven't told me what the dream is.

  3. ..... I always tell the people I coach: if you FEEL it's the "right thing to do" then GO FOR IT! Don't think too much about the consequences. Listen to your heart instead of to your head. You can never go wrong if you stay close to your own self!
    I think you already know what you're going to do......

    Good Luck!

  4. How strange. A few days ago I was studying Robert Frost's The Road not Taken, or which some people call it The Road Less Traveled.

    Frost calls the road he chose "the Road Less Traveled" in the last stanza, but the peom is tricky enough to make you realize that he just "calls" it the less traveled road, and that he believes both roads are just the same. So, do it.

    I think I'm doing something like this with my novel. I want it to be novel, so I had to make that Dhofari girl leave home to America and Korea and break some rules of her culture. I'm slightly afraid of how my family and society would react to it, but I feel that I have to do it. I couldn't achieve my dream that I was working hard for since the 5th grade. I couldn't be a student at the college of engineering. I couldn't be a good speaker. I couldn't take any kind of courses on Japanese. I couldn't be so and so, but I have to prove myself in anyway. My novel and starting self-studying Japanese are my first steps to do it.

  5. Hi, it is odd to give recommendations without knowing the matter.however u said it is a benefitial one for u and ur family, okay here we go
    You have to have three ground principles in order to get through which are:
    1- goodwill 2-determination 3- decision making
    if you have a strong will that means you can be determined therefore you can decide.
    Don't waste your time living in illisions.
    My regards Ahmed

  6. 'it will benefit myself and my family' This is pretty good and i think it cancels "I am being selfish". Taking risk may be ok at times but "too much is at risk, and that the risk isn't worth the cost" hmm!? Looks like your project has difficult consequences and compromises in the short term but is beneficial in the long run. Perhaps you should weigh the compromises against the benefits.
    a simple example is deciding to go for further studies abroad leaving your family for a year or so. This can be a very tough and loong year but afterwards you are a better person and of better support to your family.
    Well she who asks never gets lost and who better to seek guidance from? pray Istikhara and Allah will guide you. Good luck

  7. I bet if you don't do it you will regret it for the rest of your life. Life is about taking chances and no matter where you end up its all going to be okay.

    You can never go wrong with following your heart.
    good luck rania!

  8. Rania just ask someone who has done what you want to do, and see what they think. Usually for big decisions other people's advice is always helpful. But only other successful people, those are the ones who can really help!

    And since you're married, husbands can help a lot :) they're the "logical" parts of the family, and the reservoirs of secrets.

  9. Be brave ya ukti. Doing what you feel is right is never something to regret.

  10. I think, you shouldn't do it if it is on the others' account,even though you will benefit don't be a self-centered person.